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This episode is about the movie Food Inc. - this show is very philosophical but always tries to be practical.  The way we do farming now is a lot different then how our ancestors did, and people of our era are facing a lot of ethical questions.  How much science is too much science?  How long will it be before our creations turn on us?  Or, more importantly, is the bigger issue the people that try to monopolize farming and squeeze out independent people who still try to focus on quality rather then quantity (Monsanto, we're looking in your direction).  Add to these concerns: animal welfare, pollution, and you've got yourself 2 hours that is sometimes informative, sometimes relying too much on fear journalism, but is worth watching once.

Feeling the post-Christmas crunch?  Or just looking for a cheap, quick meal?  Nothing stretches an already maximized budget like ramen noodles!  A Chinese delicacy that was only available from restaurants until a post World War II Taiwanese-Japanese inventor pioneered a way to make them at home.  In this episode, we taste six different ramen noodle packages.

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This episode is a pubcast from home combined with a book review of Nicholas Pashley's awesome book, Cheers! An Intemperate History of Canada.

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