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With St. Patrick's being only 17 days away, here are two great pubs that we've scouted out for your pleasure.  This isn't a pub cast (although beer selection is discussed), but focuses on the amazing food of two fine establishments.  Willie Stout's of Toronto makes burgers more then just pub grub, and fosters the community feeling of a "public house".  J.P. Fitzpatrick & Sons offers traditional Irish dishes with a gourmet spin, right next to one of the best movie theaters (in our opinion) of Durham Region.  You don't have to be a beer enthusiast - although it doesn't hurt! - to sit down in either and enjoy a great lunch or dinner.

Willie Stout's (2175 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto ON) -

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    Feeling the post-Christmas crunch?  Or just looking for a cheap, quick meal?  Nothing stretches an already maximized budget like ramen noodles!  A Chinese delicacy that was only available from restaurants until a post World War II Taiwanese-Japanese inventor pioneered a way to make them at home.  In this episode, we taste six different ramen noodle packages.

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    Ep 34 - Tea!


    This was by no means the only show we're going to do on tea, but here's a ZFC crash coarse on one of mankind's oldest beverages (Ok, one of mankind's oldest non-alcoholic beverages).  Enjoy a cuppa your favourite as you listen to this episode.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our lovely listeners!

    This episode is about some of our family traditions.  We hope that everyone had a great holiday season and a very wonderful New Year.  Thanks for sticking with us and continuing to listen and refer your friends to our little podcast.

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    The Good Fare and Cheer of Old England is a book we discovered at the Orillia Library.  We loved it so much we bought a copy, and felt it needed it's own ZFC show to spread the word about how great a book it is!  We are going to look into the copyright information (so far it looks like it has not been renewed and has fallen into Public Domain), so we are also going to work on creating an Audiobook version of it.

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    James Keiller and Sons of Dundee Marmalade

    BRAAAAAP! Oh, excuse me! Excessive burping aside, please enjoy our soda pop show; it was 4 "takes" in the making. We finally got it where we were happy with it so check it out. The sodas that we sampled were: Jones Root Beer, Big Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale, Boylan's Orange Seltzer Water and GUS Pomegranite.

    The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy -

    Root Beer:

    Soft Drink Health Concerns (we advise you drink what you like):

    Out of the Ordinary Soft Drinks:

    Energy Drinks:

    • Jones Soda Whoop Ass -
    • Red Bull -
    • Rockstar -
    • Amp -
    • Bawls -
    • Rocketshots -
    • Jolt Cola -
    • Water Joe -

    We hated to say farewell to Montreal, but we shall definitely return again someday.  So many delicious food and drink, so little time!

    We found ourselves in the rare situation of being able to spend a week in Montreal, Quebec with a dear friend who was traveling on business (and thus shall remain anonymous).  All we had to do was pay for our food, so we decided to go.  This is the first of two parts.  We had a great time!

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    Forgive the lateness of this episode, but moving really put us behind schedule.  We'll try to make it up with a ZFC Snack this week though.  Without further ado, art imitating life - food in games!

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    ^  Example of 1950s style prepared foods from Fall Out 3 by Bethesda Softworks

    Our review and discussion on Last Chance to Eat by Gina Mallet, who explores how certain foods are in danger of being demonized and regulated to extinction.  Gina is a food writer and critic for the National Post newspaper (Canada).

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