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This week's episode talks about Kitchen Con by Trevor White, restaurant reviewing, 40 Creek Double Barrel Reserve and a bunch of other topics.  We also went back to Azian, and had their house fried rice - expensive but SOOOOO good for a treat!

This episode is a book review on Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica.  It took us over 3 sessions to get this episode down, but felt that there were some really great points to discuss about the Western practice of tipping, even if we didn't necessarily always agree with The Waiter.  Thanks for joining us in our first episode back from our July hiatus!  We hope you enjoy it, and continue to listen!

It's been one year (roughly) of doing the podcast, and while we always try to do positive and professional reviews, we thought we'd take a page from Spongebob's Opposite Day and do an episode about the worst of the worst. Submitted for your entrainment, a little bit of uncharacteristic snark from the Fat Chicks!

We understand that you may not agree, and that we may be ripping on your favourite place. For that, we apologize for our poor luck at being unfortunate enough to receive bad food/bad service. Please direct all hatemail to: zweifatchicks (at) gmail (dot) com. :)

This ep does also talk about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, although not in a snarky way.

Zwei Fat Chicks
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