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No matter where you live, there is bound to be a farmer's market near you. Eating locally has never been easier! This episode is about just some of the many prepared food vendors at the Oshawa Center farmer's market.

Green Belt Fresh (Farmer's Market Locator for Ontario) - A Taste of Russia - Kyoto Coffee - Sticklings Bakery -

This is a bit of a pot porri, with a short review about a great Persian place in Oshawa called Cyrus, discussion of french presses, fresh made Naan bread from Indian Biyani in Toronto and how to make a tandoori oven right in your own back yard (please follow all local and fire safety laws!).

Spencer came up to visit us the week of St. Patrick's. He's a fan of the podcast so there were a bunch of places he wanted to go, and as if we were going to deny him! The three of us checked out Rolling Pot (no pics, sorry - just check out our previous pictures and superimpose Spencer's jovial face into the scenes of your choice), The Rainbow, Viva Burritos, Go Believe Sushi, Teddy's and picked up pepperettes at the Three Little Pigs. Having him as a guest host and honourary Fat Chick was a blast! Hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Ep 34 - Tea!


This was by no means the only show we're going to do on tea, but here's a ZFC crash coarse on one of mankind's oldest beverages (Ok, one of mankind's oldest non-alcoholic beverages).  Enjoy a cuppa your favourite as you listen to this episode.

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BRAAAAAP! Oh, excuse me! Excessive burping aside, please enjoy our soda pop show; it was 4 "takes" in the making. We finally got it where we were happy with it so check it out. The sodas that we sampled were: Jones Root Beer, Big Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale, Boylan's Orange Seltzer Water and GUS Pomegranite.

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy -

Root Beer:

Soft Drink Health Concerns (we advise you drink what you like):

Out of the Ordinary Soft Drinks:

Energy Drinks:

  • Jones Soda Whoop Ass -
  • Red Bull -
  • Rockstar -
  • Amp -
  • Bawls -
  • Rocketshots -
  • Jolt Cola -
  • Water Joe -

Links of Interest:

  • Mariposa Market (109 Mississaga Street East, Orillia ON) -
  • Apple Annie's (109 & 101 Mississaga Street East, Orillia ON) -
  • The Different Drum (defunct)(Oshawa, ON) -
  • The Velvet Elvis (defunct)(Oshawa, ON) -
  • The Blue Moose (248 Walnut St, Morgantown WV) -
  • Rachel Eddy -
  • Almost Heaven Desserts & Coffee Bar (10 Commerce Drive, Westover WV) -
  • Tim Hortons -
  • Panera -

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