Six ounce Patty Shack burger on a fresh whole wheat with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, and various spicy, delicious sauces.

This week's episode was supposed to be a straight up double review, but we ended up having a distinct favourite. Check out this episode for the run down on two Oshawa burger joints!


  • TorontoTips

    Hi gals, 1) I haven’t been to Patty Shack and now that I’ve heard your review I definitely will. 2) However, just a counter-point for your listeners, when it comes to us crazy burger aficionados, both loosely packed meat AND leaving a little pink, are both very much sought-after. And most of us would chuckle at the idea of Harveys or Mr. Burger being held up as high-quality burger destinations. When it comes to burger fans, the gold standard at present in southern ontario is universally agreed to be The Burger’s Priest (2 locations in Toronto), and they loosely pack the meat, use american cheese slices, and will cook your greasy, delicious, burger a nice pinky medium :-) That said, Patty Shack sounds awesome, and I am not personally a huge FiveGuys fan mostly because the brand of cheese slices used are not my fave, and The Priest just does it all better, but greasy seared flat-top burgers with caramelized onions, american cheese, on white buns are awesome - just sayin’ :-) Cheers, .James.

    Jan 27, 2012 at 4:10 pm
  • zweifatchicks

    Oh no, don’t worry! We agree that (well…I agree…Sheila is still learning the cult of medium and rare meat) that a pink burger is darn tasty. I just have reseravations about not knowing where the meat comes from. In Oshawa, Teddy’s does a killer burger that you can get medium or rare, and I’m more than okay with it because they grind the meat on-site. I’m just not keen on eating a burger that pink without knowing that it could be um…less than good quality ground beef (I think I covered it better on Facebook with someone on a caption of the pink burger pic…but we just recorded an ep on Anthony Bourdain’s book “Medium Rare” and he has a chapter on burgers that states it way better than I ever could)

    I did not intend to hold Harvey’s up as high-quality, but as far as fastfood goes, they’re a sight better than McD’s or Burgerthing. I’ll still stand by Mr. Burger as being a superb, fast-food style burger, though….it’s all in the bun, to be honest. It’s not close to a good pub-burger (Oh, Willie Stouts, you have set the bar high!), but it’s better than the aforementioned fast food joints (a pox on both your arches!).

    Thanks for the info on Burger Priest! We will definitely check it out next time we’re in the city…and thanks for the feedback…even if you do like american cheese slices on burgers. ;) (just teasin’)

    Feb 2, 2012 at 10:55 am

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