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This episode is about The Gospel of Food by Barry Glassner and wanted to discuss the common myths and misconceptions around food within this book; Tracy recently read it and thought that it would make a great episode.  Well, there were many interesting points in the conversation and at one hour and fifteen minutes in length, there is a lot of food for thought... about food.

Note the adorable bull terrier S+P Shakers.  This was an easy meal to make.  We cut up a chicken breast and rolled it in seasoned bread crumbs, then fried the pieces in olive oil until golden brown.  The chicken then goes on a cooling rack on a cookie sheet and into the oven for 30 minutes at 350F.  Voila!  A delicious meal to share, and an serious donation to Breast Cancer research instead of pocket change from a corporation just looking to cash in on slacktivism.



Alright, this is an emergency podcast and update from ZFC.

For those of you who have your head in the sand (like us), or are from another country (also like us), you may not have noticed KFC's latest bid to raise sales, the pink-washed KFC bucket. Yep....the Susan G. Komen foundation gets a whole FIFTY CENTS for each bucket bought.

We've got a short podcast here explaining our thoughts about it and what we're doing.

We propose that KFC needs to pony up some real cash if they're planning to get the press for such a donation. 17 million buckets of chicken (which is what it takes to get to the $8.5 million donation they want to hit - the biggest ever to Susan G.) is a lot of sales, especially for a company who's sales were down 4% in 2009.

We're cutting out the middle man. We've donated the cost of a Canadian bucket (10 piece) straight to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Why should we subsidize KFC when we can give the money directly? Instead of the bucket, we're making our own dinner of home made, delicious fried chicken tonight (yes, pictures will follow).

Us Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.

We invite anyone who wishes to join us. We recommend in the podcast to either do a retro donation of what a bucket cost as a kid, what a bucket costs now, or even just send the $0.50 straight to Susan G. without letting it pass through KFC's hands (and eliminating however they get to claim it on their taxes).

How can you do it?

Click here - Or - if you don't trust us (and who says we're trustworthy, anyway?) put Susan G Komen into google and go through their site to donate. You can even donate via text message on your cell phone.

We would LOVE to have folk's pictures of their dinner at home in lieu of picking up a bucket of chicken. Send pics to and we'll post 'em up here! We don't need fake corporate charity that only serves them in the long run.

Other neat links pertaining to the topic:

Spencer came up to visit us the week of St. Patrick's. He's a fan of the podcast so there were a bunch of places he wanted to go, and as if we were going to deny him! The three of us checked out Rolling Pot (no pics, sorry - just check out our previous pictures and superimpose Spencer's jovial face into the scenes of your choice), The Rainbow, Viva Burritos, Go Believe Sushi, Teddy's and picked up pepperettes at the Three Little Pigs. Having him as a guest host and honourary Fat Chick was a blast! Hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Want to see more pics? Check out our album on facebook! -

This episode is about the movie Food Inc. - this show is very philosophical but always tries to be practical.  The way we do farming now is a lot different then how our ancestors did, and people of our era are facing a lot of ethical questions.  How much science is too much science?  How long will it be before our creations turn on us?  Or, more importantly, is the bigger issue the people that try to monopolize farming and squeeze out independent people who still try to focus on quality rather then quantity (Monsanto, we're looking in your direction).  Add to these concerns: animal welfare, pollution, and you've got yourself 2 hours that is sometimes informative, sometimes relying too much on fear journalism, but is worth watching once.

Feeling the post-Christmas crunch?  Or just looking for a cheap, quick meal?  Nothing stretches an already maximized budget like ramen noodles!  A Chinese delicacy that was only available from restaurants until a post World War II Taiwanese-Japanese inventor pioneered a way to make them at home.  In this episode, we taste six different ramen noodle packages.

Want more photos? Check out our album on facebook -

BRAAAAAP! Oh, excuse me! Excessive burping aside, please enjoy our soda pop show; it was 4 "takes" in the making. We finally got it where we were happy with it so check it out. The sodas that we sampled were: Jones Root Beer, Big Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale, Boylan's Orange Seltzer Water and GUS Pomegranite.

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy -

Root Beer:

Soft Drink Health Concerns (we advise you drink what you like):

Out of the Ordinary Soft Drinks:

Energy Drinks:

  • Jones Soda Whoop Ass -
  • Red Bull -
  • Rockstar -
  • Amp -
  • Bawls -
  • Rocketshots -
  • Jolt Cola -
  • Water Joe -

Forgive the lateness of this episode, but moving really put us behind schedule.  We'll try to make it up with a ZFC Snack this week though.  Without further ado, art imitating life - food in games!

Links of Interest:

^  Example of 1950s style prepared foods from Fall Out 3 by Bethesda Softworks

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